Freelance Translator

If you’re unfamiliar with the process of submitting translations, then follow these instructions. First, navigate here and download the desired translatable article, by selecting it from the first drop-down menu. Then, select the language you’re translating to from the second drop-down menu. Tick the box “Export for off-line translation” and hit “Fetch” ( image ).

After you’ve downloaded the .po file, you can either download a program called Poedit, which is designed to edit these type of files or you can download a regular text editor called Notepad++, if you find it easier and more convenient.

Using the second method, simply insert your translation of text displayed after “msgid” between the quotation marks that are followed bymsgstr” ( image ). Use this form below to submit your translation.

You may send up to 6 translations (.po files) at once